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Manitoba PNP In-Demand Occupations List Updated May 16, 2019

March 26 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Manitoba Province Updated In-Demand Occupations List On May 16, 2019

As per the latest PNP update on May 16, 2019, Manitoba province has updated its in-demand occupations list. Total seven occupations have been removed from the list, while no new occupations have been added.

Outlining the major changes:

  • The Manitoba province has updated its In-demand Occupations List indicating that some occupations will be considered only as in-demand under a few streams.
  • In addition, a few occupations have been removed from the list.
  • Also, CLB requirements have been altered for a few occupations to further improve uniformity across specific NOC groups.

A table below indicates occupations that have been removed from the list:

NOC(National Occupation Code) Occupation Stream(s) Affected
0114 Other administrative services managers SWO
1221 Administrative officers SWO
1241 Administrative assistants SWO
0311 Managers in Health Care SWO
0601 Corporate sales managers SWO
0621 Retail and wholesale trade managers SWO
0651 Managers in customer and personal services, n.e.c. SWO

 The in-demand occupations list is designed for Manitoba’s PNP pathways which cater to Skilled Workers Overseas and in Manitoba. Additionally, Manitoba offers immigration opportunity to those who do not possess any experience in an in-demand occupation via its Business Investor and the International Education Streams.


A table below indicates minimum CLB levels that have been changed:

NOC (National Occupation Code) Occupation CLB Increased or Decreased?
0211 Engineering managers Increased to CLB 7
0212 Architecture and science managers Increased to CLB 7
2123 Agricultural representatives, consultants, and specialists Decreased to CLB 5
2281 Computer network technicians Decreased to CLB 5
0711 Construction managers Increased to CLB 7
0712 Home building and renovation managers Increased to CLB 7
0714 Facility operation and maintenance managers Increased to CLB 7

The application process for the MPNP (Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program) is altered by program and stream. If you are eligible for applying to any MPNP immigration programs, then you can obtain Canadian PR via provincial nomination.

Overview of Manitoba PNP

This provincial nomination programoffers various immigration streams and pathways that allow the province to nominate the candidates who seek to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. MPNP has four streams/pathways, which includes:

  • Skilled Workers Overseas: Cater to those skilled workers who do not have any prior work/educational experience in the country.
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba: Cater to those skilled workers who have an employment offer from a local employer or a provincial work experience.
  • International Education Stream: Caters to those global students who have completed their post-secondary studies in the province.
  • Business Investor Stream: Caters to those business owners who have the financial ability to invest in and operating a business in Manitoba.

Important: Revised Manitoba PNP In-Demand Occupation List

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