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Only Temporary Pause on Express Entry- FSW category

February 02 , 2022 By Rajneesh Kumar

Only Temporary Pause on Express Entry- FSW category

Immigration has always been a key contributor to Canada’s economic growth and development. Thus, even amidst the global pandemic, the Canadian government prioritised immigration.

As per the recent interview with Prime Asia TV Canada, the immigration minister of Canada, Mr Sean Fraser, talked about Canada’s most popular express entry system and the policies revolving around it.

Still developing Express Entry invitations strategy

He gave a clear picture of IRCC’s take on clearing the backlog of PR applications and further plans about Express Entry invitations.

He stated, “Its worth reflecting on the challenge how it came through to be. This is a temporary problem in my view. It comes directly from the Covid-19 pandemic. As you can appreciate that last year we resettled a record number of permanent residents in Canada, exceeding the target of 401,000. However, to do that, we had to take a new approach to resettle many people already in Canada because we were dealing with a time when the borders were closed to many people who were like to come here. So, we had two years when these applications were in the inventory. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t continue to accept the new applications.”

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He further stated, “Canada’s economy depends on continuing to grow the number of newcomers to come to Canada. As such of those who thinking of coming to Canada and like to make a contribution, I record you to consider applying to come to Canada as a newcomer, under one of the many immigration programs we have available.”

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