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Canada Exempts Foreign Diplomats and Officials from Travel Restrictions

July 29 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Canada Exempts Foreign Diplomats and Officials from Travel Restrictions

Canada has implemented several temporary air travel and border measures to protect the health and safety of its people by restricting discretionary travel.

The IRCC is immensely supporting the administration of all the measures and is providing proper guidance on applying a few exemptions to facilitate essential travel.

As per latest orders, following foreign national are exempted from the requirement to obtain a temporary resident visa along with their family members (immediate):

  • Have a passport containing a diplomatic acceptance
  • Have a consular acceptance
  • Have official acceptance issued by the Chief of Protocol for GAC on behalf of the Canadian government

As a mandatory requirement, to qualify as exempted, they must be an accredited diplomat, a representative, consular officer or an official of a country other than Canada, of United Nations or any of the agencies or an international organization of which Canada is also a member.

For Incoming Accredited Officials

The government has also exempted foreign representatives as well as their accompanying family members who are destined to Canada to be accredited by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) so that they can undertake their postings.

But, these foreign representatives and their family members must apply for and obtain a TRV before arriving to Canada as per the current restrictions.

However, the TRVs will be issued only with GAC’s authorization.

The TRV coded D-1 or O-1 is served as an indication to border services officials that a particular passport holder can be entitled to diplomatic, official or consular privileges as well as immunities and can be recognized under the Canada’s Foreign Missions and International Organizations Act.

Travelling for Discretionary or Optional Purposes

Any exemption covered under the Orders is not applicable to those foreign nationals who wish to travel to Canada for an optional or discretionary purpose.

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