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Latest Canadian Travel Advisory for Foreign Nationals

September 29 , 2020 By Rajneesh Kumar

Latest Canadian travel advisory for Foreign Nationals

As per a new Canadian Government order, the foreign travelers are asked to avoid entering Canada for non-essential purposes until Halloween, i.e. on October 31.

This extension has been announced with an aim to limit the spread of Coronavirus.

Until any further notice, most of the foreign nationals are unable to travel to Canada for discretionary purpose, including tourism, entertainment and recreation, even if they possess a valid electronic travel authorization (eTA) or visitor visa.

However, there are certain people who are exempted under specific travel purposes that are considered as essential:

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents travelling to Canada
  • People who have been granted Canadian PR approval
  • Immediate family members of Canadians
  • People who provide services that are essential to the safety, security, health, or economic well-being of the Canadian government and Canadian people, i.e. critical infrastructure support
  • People who support Indigenous communities
  • Certain International students
  • Family members of the Canadian visiting forces, forces and Department of National Defense
  • People engaged in any other activities that are referred as “non-discretionary” or “non-optional” by the Federal government of Canada

The government has defined optional or discretionary travel for the purposes like tourism, entertainment and recreation among others. A few examples of such non-essential trips include:

  • Visiting family members in Canada for a vacation
  • Travelling to Canada for birth ceremony of a new family member (with exemption for child's parents)
  • Visiting any secondary home in Canada for purposes like maintenance and upkeep
  • Attending a family member's funeral (as per quarantine measures there is a limit on the number of attendees)

Canada Waived off Biometrics Requirement for Exempted PR Applicants

Demonstrating a Mandatory Quarantine Plan

All the foreigners who will travel to Canada must have a self-quarantine plan for maximum 14 days.

They are supposed to provide a detailed quarantine plan, which would include details like, where they'll stay, how they'll manage medicines and grocery shopping without physically going to any store and will there be any vulnerable people at the place they are going to stay.

In case no adequate quarantine plan, travelers may need to stay at a hotel or any another facility provided by the government.

However, there are certain people who are exempted from the mandatory 14-day quarantine, such exempted foreign nationals include:

  • Crew members
  • People invited by the Canadian health minister, like healthcare workers
  • Members of visiting forces coming back to Canada
  • People who need medical services within 36 hours of their arrival
  • People who are crossing the border in a trans-border community
  • People who are crossing into Canada aboard for research purposes

Application Processing and Approvals in Action

Even amidst monthly travel advisories being announced by the Canadian government, both IRCC and provincial governments continue to accept, process and approval visa applications with extended deadlines.

Both IRCC and provincial governments has been conducting regular Express Entry and Provincial PNP draws to help facilitate the arrival of newcomers in Canada to support country's economy and development plans post-pandemic.

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